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Warehouse Management Solution

(Motor Industry)

Warehouse Shelves

Opportunity Statement

  • Manual process for recording and tracking goods

  • Excessive time taken to pick and pack goods

  • Loss of goods post picking and packing during the delivery to consumer

Client Requirement

  • Improved productivity and eradicated waste

  • Removed dependency on paper based and manual documentation for tracking and monitoring

  • Introduce a technical solution to remove low value activity

eSpire Technology Response

  • Client provided a step by step overview of the manual process, which was reviewed by our team to identify opportunities to automate and improve

  • Invested in developing and rolling out a technology based solution, in the form of a web app and Android mobile app combination


  • An app for tracking goods from receipt into the warehouse through to the buyer receiving

  • The solution is accessible via web browser & Android app at any time, behind secure login and provides real time status reporting for all goods being tracked

  • Enabled warehouse and customer facing staff to manage stock location, allowing the turnaround of orders through to handover to customer with 100% success

Product Testimonial

At AEW Paddock Motors we had always relied on manual systems using pen and paper to manage our warehouse processes. This was inefficient, time consuming and relied heavily on individuals knowledge within the company. So we  contacted eSpire Technology to talk through how we could improve our Warehouse Management System (WMS).  They attended site, listened to our opportunity and explained how technology could be used to enhance the management of our warehouse picking and packing of products.  They presented this back to us and then we confirmed our detailed needs, agreed on a good price and set the delivery time line.


Over the forthcoming weeks we received regular updates as eSpire developed and launched an Android mobile scanning solution, with a web front end, to allow our pickers and packers to scan their orders and give the office admin staff the ability to track the status through the web front end, removing the need for the traditional pen and paper method all together. This has improved productivity within the company and provided us with a digital audit trail of our order process.  


We found eSpire were great to work with. They quickly formed a strong partnership with us and were focused through-out on delivering  a solution that fulfilled our needs which in turn increased our warehouse productivity.  We look forward to working with eSpire on future projects.


Rob W, General Manager, AEW Paddock Motors Ltd

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