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How to capture a concept and drive it to the app store

Back in May, I took a little time out to reflect, ‘Wow what is happening....  lockdown is in full flow, I am lucky as I have my health, the business has stopped so how do we restart’. Which triggered the initial thought, that formed the concept of ‘safe home working’ for everyone that no longer had or never has had access to an office, factory or coffee shop.

Then a learnt activity of mine kicked in, which was I started to set out words on a PowerPoint, that leads to building out images of what the product may look like.  The first output of this work is below

Next step was to share the output with Alan and Barry at our weekly catch up.  Where we routinely review the progress of our resource management work stream.  To mix up the agenda, I went through the various iterations of the ‘safe home thinking’ concept.  With a slight degree of surprise, both Alan and Barry responded positively and wanted to look further into the solution. 

So what was driving me forward to share the thinking and to engage Alan and Barry so quickly?   I can explain this through

1) I have a passion to help others be highly effective at what they do.   This has always been there from the early days of managing high performing contact centre teams; on to automating CRM activities to improve customer engagement through to leading infrastructure teams to adopt an agile mindset and enhance their usage of technology.  

2)  the experience and knowledge that I have with ensuring technology works for the service provider and the consumer.  As mentioned above CRM automation with UNICA; utilising in Ansible Tower across a newly formed team to automate business processes;  developing resource and warehouse management Apps by keeping it simple with a combination low code complexity and minimal viable product principles

3) drawing on the good fortune to have been trained and coached on many topics, including health and safety, wellbeing, productivity, using technology, communications and working with others.  This provides me an insight and access to many rich resources that not everyone to date has had access due to either high costs or simply they have not been in the right place

Where are we today? 

The product has be renamed to ‘My Home Working’!

Even though it has been tough at times we are getting very close to launching our first FREE App on IOS and Android. This is so everyone has access to understand how to work Working Safely from home, set up a good desktop environment, importance of well being and brief insight in how to manage your online conversations.  The solution is currently being tested on test flight and the design can been seen below

- Lyndon Purnell - Commercial Director

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