Introducing the eSpire My Home Working Web App

We are living in uncertain times with health pandemics and unprecedented economic & social changes. Our priorities are changing to protect our families and to have a healthy working life balance that supports our lifestyles. In response to this changing climate, eSpire Technology is developing My Home Working. An app, solely designed using Flutter, by Google, to support employers and employees with the new norm.

This in flight project brings to you three exciting opportunities:-

  • Provides the tooling to work safely, securely and efficiently from home, from the office or in the field

  • Bringing to you app development using cutting edge Google technologies in Flutter, Firebase and the Dart language for cross platform success

  • To underpin the new service, we will be broadening out our associate population of trainers, mentors and coaches

More updates to follow as the project progresses, so check back soon.

If any of this has captured your interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by simply clicking below.

eSpire My Home Working

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