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My Coach App

Introducing the eSpire Coaching App compatible for Android and iOS


Allows you to enhance your workforce capability by managing and providing them with specialist coaching sessions.

  • Manage high impact coaching for your workforce from a pool of coaching specialists

  • Reduce costs through a simple user interface for all users whilst managing straight forward administrative tasks

  • Increase revenue by providing tailored coaching to develop, motivate and enhance the capability of your team

Key features:

  • Easily set up coachers and coaching groups for your workforce to user

  • Employee self service search engine to identify and select the right coaching specialist for their needs

  • Built in chat function to allow all users to connect directly with coaching specialists before, during and after coaching sessions

  • Real time reporting capability to show how your coaching investment is benefiting your organisation

Purchase options:

  1. One off payment for product, with per user pricing

  2. Three year license with flexible usage and product support

  3. Hosting options also available

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