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(National Training Company)


Opportunity Statement

  • Excessive time and effort to identify what human resources are available for future workloads

  • Unnecessary costs incurred for travel and hotel expenses ​Paper based systems are difficult to track​

Client Requirement

  • Automated system to speed up and engage available resources.​

  • Reduction in costs of call center operatives & unnecessary travel expenses​

  • Online and up to date records of all human resources​

eSpire Technology Response

  • Client provided a step by step overview of the manual process ​

  • Development team identified opportunities to improve and automate​

  • Workshops were held onsite with the client to develop & refine the solution​


  • An app for onboarding and managing 500 resources​

  • Significant reduction on operating and travel expenses​

  • Significantly improved response times​

  • Accurate and up to date records​

  • Secure hosting and storage of all data​

Product Testimonial

Premier Partnership .....

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