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About Our Business

eSpire Technology Ltd was originally founded in Nov, 2018 as eSpire Studios Ltd. The original focus on the business was set out to provide direct to consumer mobile application development. 

During the first year of operation, it became clear that the business was growing into other avenues of IT solutions, as such the business transformed to provide business to business web app, IT consultancy and IT managed service solutions.

In Dec, 2019, eSpire Studios Ltd rebranded its name and identity to eSpire Technology Ltd.

Meet the Senior Team


Gavin Browett

Operations Director

15+ years experience in the IT industry with a wealth of technical and leadership experience.

A key focus on leading ITIL/DevOps infrastructure operations teams to give a true client centric managed service.

I am passionate about delivering highly available and scalable solutions that deliver on client needs. Outside of work I also have a passion for aviation.


Lyndon Purnell

Commercial Director

21 years experience working in the financial services industry for Capital One (US Top 10 Bank) and Experian (FTSE Top 30).

Excellent track record of leading technology departments to change the ways of working and adopt new technology, to improve customer outcomes.

I am passionate about helping business change and enjoy making a good curry.


Barry Westbury

Business Development Director

40 years experience leading large scale enterprise IT functions. Working across manufacturing, utilities, outsources, retail and finance.

I am passionate about forming relationships, setting strategies and increasing business performance. Outside of work I am also passionate about Newcastle United Football Club and my whisky collection.

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